Electric and combined water heaters from inox


The story of Ting Ltd. is almost unbelievable. Its growth is not a coincidence, but a result of right decisions, brave vision and innovative future-oriented concepts. As a result, a new brand TING-INOX is created – water heater made from stainless steel (inox), which is resistant of corrosion and gives unlimited durability and protection of the caldron from leaking. TING-INOX heaters are made with high-edge welding technology, properly tested under pressure, made from quality materials, which forms a product with time warranty, what takes us ahead competition and exceeds the expectations of our customers. The heaters meet all hygienic and environment standards. Outer shell of the heaters can be made from stainless steel (inox), plasticized sheet and other modern materials, depending of the preference of the buyer. The capacity ranges from 60 to 150 L for heaters in series production, and from 200 to 5000 L for heaters in individual production bespoke. We also offer stainless steel caldrons only with electrical heaters. In order to meet the needs and desires of the customers, TING-INOX offers storage combined inox heaters, with possibility for solar heating, or central heating and only inox solar heaters. TING-INOX heater – a brand recognized as a successful blend of modern technology, high-quality materials and modern design.