The company TING LTD is located in Kochani, it is established in 1990, under the name of TRGOINZENERING, and after 8 years of existence, it is renamed in its current name TING LTD. Its beginnings are projecting and installing of thermo-technical installations, repairs of boilers, water supply, steel constructions and trading with installation materials. It started with 4 employees, who, with selfless effort, performed multiple tasks and lay the foundation of the company with engineering, mounting and production activity. TING LTD is one of the first companies in Republic of Macedonia for producing equipment for food, agriculture, chemistry… whereby it contributes for the development of the overall economy by underlining the domestic market (home-made equipment and not import reliance). The excellent work and dedication of the employees today turned this company in successful medium-sized enterprise that has a wide range of products and around 100 employees. TING LTD is among the first formed enterprises in which, for 29years work and exist persons with disabilities, for whom the company takes special care regarding their socialization and emancipation. Today, TING LTD successfully meets the needs of the domestic and foreign market over 29 years. It is a company for designing, manufacturing, installation and mounting, specialized in production of processing equipment in the segments of the Dairy industry, Confectionery industry, Winery, Pharmacy and Chemistry, producing of high-precision products and other products according the customers’ requirements. The commitment for developing strategically oriented solutions and achieving excellent results of all areas of operating enables meeting of the needs and expectations of the clients and customers. We constantly look after that everything we make is always an additional benefit for our clients. Thus, we build partnership relations that offer our clients high-quality services and products, as well as higher profitability. The company’s sensational growth is not a coincidence, but a result of right decisions, brave vision and innovative future-oriented concepts.

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